Get your head in the game! We offer a variety of youth athletic sports and adult athletic leagues which include volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball, and soccer.


We offer a variety of athletic seasons, leagues, clinics, camps, and competitions.

Athletic programs include:


Family Pickleball League

I am excited to announce the launch of the Family Pickleball League! Pickleball is a fun and engaging sport that can be enjoyed by children of all ages and parents alike. It’s a fantastic opportunity for families to come together, learn a new sport, and enjoy some quality time on the court.

League Details:

Who Can Join: Children of all ages and at least one parent or guardian per team.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. Rules: Understand the fundamental rules of pickleball, ensuring a fair and enjoyable game for all participants.
  2. Scoring: Learn how scoring works in pickleball, including the nuances of side-out scoring and the importance of serving effectively.
  3. Serving: Master the art of serving, from proper technique to strategic placement to gain an advantage.
  4. Return of Serve: Develop the skills to return serves effectively and maintain control during rallies.
  5. Dinks and Drop Shots: Explore the finesse shots of pickleball, including dinks and drop shots, which can be game-changers.
  6. The “Kitchen” and Game Strategy: Understand the concept of the “kitchen” and how it influences gameplay, as well as strategies to outmaneuver your opponents.

Equipment: JPRD will provide all the necessary equipment for play, so you don’t need to worry about purchasing paddles or balls. Just bring your enthusiasm, comfortable attire, and a water bottle to stay hydrated during the games.

Registration: To register for the Family Pickleball League, please click the link below. Don’t miss out on this chance to bond with your family while staying active and having a blast!


Juniors Pickleball League

The JPRD Juniors League season starts on March 7, 2023, for children ages 9-17. The first two weeks of the league will be instruction-based and taught by Patricia Barney, a USAPA Regional Ambassador, and a USAPA-certified pickleball instructor. Instruction will cover the following:

  1. Rules
  2. Scoring
  3. Serving
  4. Return of serve
  5. Dinks and drop shots
  6. Game strategy.

The next six weeks will be organized league play with a 9-12 division and a 13-17 division. On the last night, the league champion and runner-up will be crowned.

JPRD will furnish all the equipment necessary for play.

Registration for many athletic programs is available online. For more information, call (504) 736-6999 or (504) 349-5000 or check out the latest Program Guide.

Youth Sports

Flag Football

Youth Flag Football is a non-contact activity which provides participants with the opportunity to develop many of the same skills, tactics and strategies as tackle football. Players will receive flags provided by JPRD. A uniform purchase is required to participate in league. The Flag Football season runs from August – November.

Registration: July 1   Age Determination: August 1

All-Star Eligibility


Tackle Football

Boys ages 6-14 on the Eastbank and 6-14 on the Westbank are able to participate in tackle football.

Registration: July 1   Age Determination: August 1

All-Star Eligibility


Cheerleading is available to youth ages 5-15. The season runs from August until November to coincide with the JPRD football season. Each cheer group cheers for its respective playground football team with a Spirit Bowl at the conclusion of the season. Cheerleading fees vary depending on booster club.

Registration: July 1   Age Determination: August 1



Volleyball is offered to girls and girls ages 5 through 17.

Registration: July 1   Age Determination: August 1

All-Star Eligibility



Boys and girls ages 5-17 can participate in the JPRD basketball program.

Registration: October 1   Age Determination: September 1

All-Star Eligibility



Girls ages 5-15 can participate in the JPRD softball program.

Registration: March 1   Age Determination: January 1

All-Star Eligibility



Boys ages 5-19 can participate in the JPRD baseball program.

Registration: March 1   Age Determination: May 1

All-Star Eligibility



Boys and girls ages 5-14 can participate in soccer.

Registration: January 1   Age Determination: January 1

All-Star Eligibility



For information on tennis, click here.


Boys and girls ages 5-17 can participate in track.

Registration: January 1   Age Determination: January 1

All-Star Eligibility



2024 Parish Championship Records

2024 East Bank Championship Records

2024 West Bank Championship Records

2024 Parish Championship Results

2024 East Bank Championship Results

2024 West Bank Championship Results



Boys ages 6-12 can participate in lacrosse.

Registration: October 1

Age Determination: September 1


Adult Leagues

Participate in fun adult-only athletic leagues. Gather with groups of friends and play games just like in the old days. Leave your work and problems at home, join a sport and get active.

Adult programs include:

  • Ladies Volleyball
  • Co-Ed Volleyball
  • Flag Football
  • Softball
  • Ladies Softball
  • Co-Ed Softball


Programs are held at Jefferson Playground, Pontiff Playground, and LaSalle Park. Leagues are forming at Belle Terre Playground. For more information on adult programs, contact Jeb Klink at [email protected] or Brett Livaudais at [email protected], or call us at 504-349-5000.

All-Star Leagues

All-Star Leagues encompass the best of the best in high-performance sports. Athletes participate in an All-Star eligible sport for intramural play and are chosen upon athletic ability to participate in an All-Star league for higher and more competitive play. Players must adhere to the guidelines to be considered for an All-Star Team. Policies include:

  • attending 50% intramural games
  • living within a Jefferson Parish district
  • having a valid waiver if the player lives outside Jefferson Parish
  • must have fulfilled the sit-out clause
  • being an outstanding player

All potential All-Star participants must have their residence recorded on the JPRD registration form and have a JPRD I.D. card. All-Star players in Jefferson Parish activities will be required to present a valid JPRD I.D. card.

For more information about the All-Star Programs, contact us at 504-736-6999 or 504-349-5000.


Volunteer Coaches

Volunteer coaches are tremendous assets to childhood development and introduction into sporting activities. Therefore, we strive to acquire the best coaches for all sports, ages, and genders.

Coaching Information
Thank you for your interest in being a coaching for one of JPRD’s recreational sports. We are always looking for motivational people to lead and teach our participants the right way to play, including skills, teamwork, pride, perseverance, and confidence.

For coaching availability, contact your playground of choice. All coaches must give fingerprints and pass a background check.

Review and complete the Abuse of Officials document and Coaching Application. Then, turn these forms into the playground supervisor of choice.

If you have questions about being a volunteer coach, contact your playground supervisor or contact the Recreation Department at (504) 736-6999 (Eastbank) or (504) 349-5000 (Westbank).

Athletic Forms

Registration Form
All sports (except Tackle Football)

Registration Form (Tackle Football)

Waiver Form
Review and complete the Playground Participation Waiver and turn it into one of the Recreation offices.

Coaching Application
Review and complete the Abuse of Officials document and Coaching Application. Then, turn these forms into the playground supervisor of choice.

JPRD Code of Conduct


If you have any questions about our forms, contact our Athletics division at (504) 736-6999 (Eastbank) and (504) 349-5000 (Westbank).

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