2023 Departmental Next-Level Initiatives

by | Feb 22, 2023

The 2023 JPRD Next-Level Initiatives are:

  • Public Communication (JPRD will use well-branded and streamlined marketing strategies to improve and enhance communication with the public)
  • Coaching & Officiating (JPRD will establish a volunteer coaching and officiating certification program to improve the quality and integrity of its youth sports programs)
  • JPRD Unplugged (JPRD will develop a new series of programs marketed as “JPRD Unplugged” offering free activities, events and personal interest classes)
  • Park Signage (JPRD will evaluate and devise a plan to replace all signage at its facilities with branded, accurate and consistent messaging)
  • Capital Projects Tracking (JPRD will continue to implement a software-based project management system to track the status of all capital projects to ensure projects move efficiently and timely from opening jobs to bidding through completion)
  • Lafreniere Park Christmas Elf (Lafreniere Park will create a full-time, year-round “Elf” position who will oversee all aspects of the annual Christmas in the Park month long event)
  • Parc des Familles Revenue-Generating Programming (JPRD will continue to work with the Parc des Familles Director on planning for new park amenities and to create revenue generating programming to support its ongoing maintenance and improvements)
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