Christmas in the Park 2022

by | Feb 22, 2023

JPRD and Lafreniere Park employees brought the joys of the holiday season to Jefferson Parish with the annual Christmas in the Park event. Members of the JPRD maintenance division worked like elves in Santa’s workshop, making light displays and decorations for the yearly event. Employees not only dedicated their time to creating decorations but also set up and transformed Lafreniere Park into a winter wonderland. Staff worked the month-long event as techs, traffic directors, money collectors, and costume characters. These employees not only worked through the holiday season but worked through the cold and rainy nights to provide a very merry holiday season to the residents of Jefferson Parish. After the Christmas holiday, the employees worked tirelessly to pack up all the festivities and send them back to the North Pole. Thank you to all the JPRD and Lafreniere Park staff who worked to make the 2022 Christmas in the Park event a success.

Special thanks to:
Jonathan Accardo
Stephen Accardo
Joseph Barbara
James Behne
McKaela Bernal
Kyle Beske
Kristen Blount
Roy Blum
Billy Brassette
Maverick Charles
Kristopher Christoffel
Paul Clark
Anthony Corpora
Michael Couch
Tiffany Curtis
Alexander Davis
David Fray
Anthony Giglio
Joseph Guttierrez
Selina Haddad
John Hayes
Norman Henry
Antoinette Holmes
Ramon Jackson
John Johnson
Raymond Johnson
Jessica Kovacs
Kenneth Lachney
Margaret Lae
Cornelius Lathers
Jessica Laurendine
Joshua Leinwar
Patricia Martinez
Trey Martinez
Justin Mayeux
Richard Miller
Nickcole Moore
Jeffery Mumphrey
James Rabalais
Brandon Ramirez
Chad Ramirez
Catrell Robair
Tori Sanchez
Gary Schmidt
Carol Senft
Charlene Singleton
Jessica St. Amant
Dave Stephens
Ronald Tew
Patricia Tolar
Stephen Valiente
Chris Villarrubia
Sidney Watikins
Joseph Winn

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