Employee of the Year Banquet

by | May 19, 2022

The time has come for a new employee to represent the values of JPRD. Director Mario Bazile, along with Assistant Director Leo Webb, and Chief Administrative Assistant Cherreen Gegenheimer celebrated at the Lafreniere Park Foundation Center on Friday, April 29, eight nominees who were chosen to potentially have the title of employee of the year. The nominees enjoyed a celebratory lunch and award ceremony. The nominees for employee of the year were: Kristen Blount, Shelley Bruard, Pamela Bibbins, Jarette Carmouche, Ramon Jackson, Michael Griffin, Norman Lestrick, and Brianna Duronslet. The nominee who took the title of JPRD Employee of the Year was Norman “Woody” Lestrick.

Kristen Blount, Leo Webb, and Mario Bazile

Pamela Bibbins, Leo Webb, and Mario Bazile

Jarette Carmouche, Leo Webb, and Mario Bazile

Ramon Jackson, Leo Webb and Mario Bazile

Michael Griffin, Leo Webb, Mario Bazile

Brianna Duronslet, Leo Webb, and Mario Bazile

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