JPRD is Storm Ready  

by | Aug 23, 2021

Parks & Recreation is in full swing preparing for hurricane season. The department is currently performing inspections and completing repairs and preparations to convert PARD, Kings Grant, Mike Miley, and Little Farms Playgrounds into possible Red Cross Shelters. This year, JPRD added baby changing stations as an extra upgrade to these sites. In addition, each building’s interior and exterior security lights have been checked and are ready for use if necessary. Finally, the staff is clearing street draining and walking tracks across the entire department to protect our service communities. In addition, the Recreation Department’s 2021 upgrade project to install a whole building generator at the Westbank Main Office will allow workplace operations without interruption due to weather-related causalities. As JPRD prepares to be Storm Ready, we continue to look toward continuing to improve our efforts with a planned project for 2022.

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