New Tennis Coach Spotlight

by | Sep 5, 2021

Marcelo Chanes, New Athletics Tennis Coach
Out of the darkness, Coach drives the idea of determination and sportsmanship. Coach Marcelo Chanes started his first of many tennis leagues Nov. 16 at both Johnny Bright and Kings Grant Playgrounds. Chanes began his tennis career in his hometown of Santiago, Chile, at age 10. His hyperactivity led his grandfather to travel to different playgrounds and find his grandson a sport. Chanes started playing at the playgrounds but was not able to afford lessons continuously. “Since I couldn’t take lessons, I used to hide behind a tree and see the tennis coach give a lesson, and I would jump an eight-foot fence with my racket and practice what the coach was telling the players,” said Chanes.

His experience fueled his passion for the game but increased his compassion for others who may not be able to afford the sport. Tennis is “a costly sport,” and the clinics through Jefferson Parish allow all children to get coached at a reasonable cost. COVID- 19 has allowed Chanes to re-invent himself. He looks forward to his clinics. “To me, learning is having fun. I always have a statement ‘competing must be fun. However, winning is much more fun.'” Chanes hopes to teach each participant in his clinic the importance of learning how to compete. He stated, “competing comes before winning in the dictionary and real life.” Chanes strives to instill the basics of competing, Tennis’s foundation, and passion for the game to not only members of his clinics but also anyone who wishes to take a lesson with him. Find Coach at tennis courts around Jefferson Parish, both Eastbank and Westbank.

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