Enjoy all aspects of fitness in a group setting from two to 99+ years old. Classes included dance, karate, tennis, group fitness and more with limited class sizes.


All class and session registration can be made at Classes take place at various playgrounds around Jefferson Parish. We offer a variety of classes for all fitness levels.

Tiffany Curtis – [email protected]
Special Program Supervisor – Leisure Services Physical



Learn the art of karate. Experience discipline, breath, team work coupled with techniques of punches, kicks, blocks. Gain self confidence and an introduction into this Asian art form.


Participate in an adult or youth tennis program. Learn the basics of tennis or reinforce skills. This group activity allows all-tennis lovers to get together to play and appreciate the sport.

The tennis program has opportunities for group lessons and family clinics. In addition, the new challenge board tennis class allows participants to compete against each other to simulate real competition.

Disc Golf

Join JPRD’s newest class. Head to Parc des Familles, where youth and adult participants will learn to play on the professionally designed 18-hold disc golf course.

Adult Fitness Classes

JPRD offers a wide array of adult only group fitness classes.

Classes include:



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