Bazile’s World Tour

by | Mar 3, 2021

The newest rockstar of JPRD goes on a world tour around the parish. Director Mario Bazile travels to all the parks and playgrounds to see the needs and meet the people behind playground day to day operations. “It’s my opportunity to dive into specific needs at each playground,” said Bazile. He travels to two playgrounds each Friday and discusses the individual needs of the facility. There has not always been high energy and cheer at the playground meetings; many employees feel overlooked or outdone with the Department’s lack of care for playground staff.

“It helps me [when I meet with playground staff] when employees have complaints because [I now] understand the many inner workings of the department,” said the Director.

Bazile is continuing to meet with park staff and community leaders every Friday. He claims he wants quick actions to ensure that the Department has both objectives and deliverables. Bazile expects his Jefferson Parish world tour will elevate staff morale and create a better communication system so the Department can make a difference.

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