Director Speaks on Important Summer Information

by | Jun 1, 2021

Parks and Recreation Director Mario Bazile implored families to learn to swim at the JUMP IN event on May 25. The Recreation Department, Councilman Lee, and Councilman Bonano’s office were ready to jump into the summer with kick-off at Johnny Jacobs pool to celebrate the aquatic programs this summer. Not only did JPRD have its first swim team, but the Recreation Department, along with the YMCA, offered affordable swim lessons to both children and adults. Bazile stressed the importance of everyone in Jefferson Parish learning how to swim. “In Louisiana, we have the second-highest drowning rate in this country‚Ķ because of the amount of water we have in Louisiana. So what we’re doing here is so important this summer,” said Bazile. Summer 2020, JPRD and the YMCA serviced approximately 300 children and adults, teaching them how to swim. Bazile’s goal for summer 2021 was to have 1,000 Jefferson Parish residents learn to swim. “[Johnny Jacobs pool] is a great place to [learn how to swim], and we are excited about the opportunity to provide [swim lessons] to the community,” said the Director.

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