Employee of the Year Spotlight

by | Nov 8, 2022

Small Equipment Mechanic Norman Lestrick celebrates his new JPRD Employee of the Year title. Lestrick, a 23 year-recreational veteran, started as a groundskeeper at Kennedy Heights Playground and moved to various parks through the years, from Bridge City to Waggaman and Kings Grant. Lestrick, also known as Coach Woody, became the maintenance repairman for small engines at the Westbank maintenance yard and has held the position ever since.

Coach Woody is now the head speaker for the Jefferson Parish Safety Committee and hosts talks at playgrounds on equipment safety and field maintenance seminars. Not only does Lestrick work on small engines, but he assists other Maintenance personnel at the yard.

Norman is not only an employee but also a volunteer coach in the department. “I’ve been a volunteer coach for 15 years at Oakdale Playground,” said Lestrick. “We’re getting ready to get started with football in July.”

In his reflection about his years at Recreation, Lestrick said, “Recreation is a wonderful place to work. You will learn a lot.” He advises incoming employees to stay positive, focused, and humble because the “more [you are] humble, prizes like [employee of the year] will come, and at the end of the road, you’ll see the sunshine,” said Lestrick.

Norman Lestrick

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