Adopt A Senior Program

by | Sep 23, 2021

The power of adoption is beautiful; strangers coming together to create one family. But the family connection promoted by Jefferson Parish Parks & Recreation Department (JPRD) is not one to deal with the child parent connection, it’s a community connection. In honor of National Senior Citizens Day, the Adopt-A-Senior program was born and led into the world for all Jefferson Parish to adore and help raise. The program promoted the Leisure Service Department’s Golden Age Clubs which total to approximately 985 members. The goal, to spread joy during a national pandemic. “The program was started during Covid this year so our members could have interaction with other members of the Parish while they were locked down in their homes” said Special Programs Supervisor, Patricia Martinez.

Jefferson Parish residents were tasked by picking a senior to adopt and create a basket with a mixture of necessities and activities to help instill connection even though six-feet apart. Personnel under the Leisure Service Department and Golden Age Clubs “went to members’ homes to visit, deliver an activity package to them” and take their photos, said Martinez.The drive ended in December with a significant number of seniors adopted. “Many heartfelt thanks to all who took the time to participate,” said Westbank Golden Age Supervisor Garry Vedros. It took a village to raise up spirits and come together as one JP family. The successful program may make a comeback in 2021 around National Senior Citizens Day.

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