Julie McDonald Service Pin Recipient

by | Sep 22, 2021

The five-year service pin recipient, Julie McDonald, is an avid caregiver and helper. The former housewife, now receptionist, not only does clerical work but aids everyone in her department.

McDonald said, “I do whatever they need me to do. I like my job because I like to deal with people.”

Not only is McDonald passionate about helping Westbank residents, but she also has a soft spot for caring for cancer patients and their families. McDonald helped co-workers and Jefferson Parish residents with their emotions surrounding family members who have cancer. However, she also wishes to assist in short-term leasing if the program were to come to New Orleans. “When we were in Texas with my dad, they had a [program] that would find housing for people who were there for cancer. It helps find housing to be able to stay month to month while getting treatment,” said McDonald. As McDonald reflects on her future years with Jefferson Parish, she has no clue where life will take her, but she is confident it will be helping people.

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