Ten-Year Service Pin Recipient

by | Sep 13, 2021

Frank Matise Jr. Ten-Year Service Pin Recipient
Frank Matise Jr., Girl’s Supervisor for Jefferson Playground, has found his comfort working for Jefferson Playground. The ten-year service pin recipient relishes in his home away from home. Matise has real dedication to both the playground and its participants. “I played here [as a child] at Jefferson Playground. My three boys played here,” said Matise. Matise volunteered as a coach at his childhood alma mater playground when his three sons were young and continued coaching until a supervisor approached him with a job offer.

“I was here all the time, so the supervisor said they had a position open, so I went and applied for it,” said Matise.

His first job with the Parish was as an on-call supervisor. However, he swiftly transitioned into his position as Girl’s Supervisor. Matise enjoys working with the children and watching each child grow and develop over the years. Matise recalled some of the growth from gym participants. He remembered, “ I’ve seen the girls grow, I’ve had them from six-year-olds to now they are thirteen- fourteen years old. Some boys come back, and I knew them when they were five and six years old. One boy that was here, he started with my youngest one. Now he’s in the army,” said Matise.

As Matise looks forward to another ten years with Jefferson Parish, he encourages employees, the community, and families to “come out and support the playgrounds.” He wants everyone to come out and play some ball.

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